[JOUR 4/DAY 4] Visite d’une réserve naturelle et de Lake Placid

This was a rainy day. We all met at 9 at school to get into the yellow bus. After a one hour and a half journey (which also felt like a roller coaster), we arrived at the Wild Center.
We visited the huge museum which was beautiful. We saw many different animals who live in the wild center. By the way, this center is almost like a national park (6 million acres of wild forests) located in the Adirondack mountains, which are very famous in the area. There were (alive!)animals who live in streams, like otters, but also snakes, turtles, ducks, frogs and many different insects.

Their way to live, eat, hunt and reproduce were well explained.
We also had the opport to draw watercolors of wild animals living in the mountains. I must admit some of us are more talented than others…
Then we ate our lunch and we went to Lake Placid.
This city hosted the olympic winter games two times. That’s why we saw impressive ski jumpings and ice skating race tracks. But the most important part of the day was shopping… We were actually supposed to go ice skating on the lake, but the ice was melting because of the unusual high temperature. That’s why Mrs Harranger had the great idea to go shopping instead. Anyway we spent time in the various shops of the town (and also in the Starbucks coffee) and thanks to Mrs Harranger, we all bought a GAP sweat shirt…
We finally met at the bus at 5 to go shopping (again) to a shopping center at the border of the town. After advising Mr Vitré for 30 minutes about a jacket, we got back to the bus and we returned to our new homes in Canton…




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